Club Information


It is compulsory for all girls to wear our rhythmic gymnastics uniform. It is designed to represent our program at training as well as competitions. T-Shirt and baggie clothing are not suitable attire; as the apparatus continuously will get caught.

Gymnastics clothes are available for purchase from Marianna at the gym before or after class.


The Competition Leotard is custom made. Please discuss with Marianna about ordering one when required for competition.


We are aware that many of the parents are wondering about where and what equipment is needed by the girls. The girls and/or their class coach will be able to tell you the specific equipment they need, but below is a rundown on every apparatus and a couple accessories that can be purchased. All girls should have a rope (this way they can be perfect for the gymnast’s height), and competitive girls will require the apparatus that they will be practising and competing with for that level.

Apparatus available from,, websites.


Any colour, make sure it is a tight weave rope.


The size of a hoop is determined by the size of the gymnast. When standing upright, measure the distance between their hipbone and the floor and choose the closest size available.

Tape can also be purchased from the website (6 rolls required for a 90cm hoop); otherwise rolls of book contact (often holographic) can be used to cover the hoop in various colours.


The most appropriate material that most girls use these days is rubber, as they are softer than
previously popular plastic clubs. The major and most trusted brand is Sasaki and Chacott and needs to be connectable. There are a range of colours, and clubs can be (but don’t have to be) taped. The 36cm or the 40.5cm clubs would be suitable for junior school student. Senior size for high school students


Any colour/ brand. Junior size ball for gymnasts aged between 4-7, senior size for older girls

Ribbon/ribbon stick

Junior ribbon stick for junior school students, senior size for high school students.

Ribbon can be any brand/colour.

Toe Shoes

Toe shoes are used by most, but not all, gymnasts in competitive levels.

They can be purchased from the above websites. Various brands are available, and it is often about personal preference, however the most popular competition toe shoes are the Sasaki sockets or the black logo model. Sizes are based on shoe size.